About Us

  1. Corporate Answer of Arizona offers telceom services. Fax, Voip, Call Recording, Voicemail, Cloud Based Telecom and More.Our telecommunications corporate team has been involved with telecommunications for 27+ years. We offer the finest telecommunication services available to business professionals and their companies. We began with a very basic telephone answering service and have transformed into the most up-to-date second generation unified messaging and voice mail system available in the marketplace today.
  2. Corporate Answer is a specialized telecommunications company designed to offer business call management services for small to medium sized companies looking to improve their control and efficiency with not only their staff, but the clients and patients that they are servicing in and out of the office.
  3. Our primary system is strategically placed in a bio-metrically,  “finger print” secure site in Arizona; completely protected from the worldly elements that typically cause issues with telephony systems. It is structured with multiple “backups” for any such developments.
  4. We are connected to a private VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) circuit that offers “local” connectivity in most areas of the country. If you are in need of local telephone numbers most anywhere in the country, we have the ability to obtain those numbers for you and give you full functionality through our call management system.
  5. Our scope of service extends from basic voice mail to more advanced unified messaging;  including such features as follow-me/find-me, tap-Call recording, direct and indirect routing of calls, email delivery, e-fax service, group notification, electronic appointment reminder service, and multiple types of message notification. We have the ability to handle thousands of calls per day.

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